TAI's Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR)

The AIDS Institute's Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR) was created to bring more HIV research resources to Florida and advance the body of knowledge about all aspects of HIV prevention, care and treatment.  The focus is on promoting and arranging inter-institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration on HIV research, including behavioral/epidemiologic studies, clinical trials and studies of basic science, virology and vaccine development.  FCHAR researchers represent 7 universities, the Florida Department of Health and 11 other research entities across the state, including those from the private sector.  Members account for more than 400 recent and ongoing HIV/AIDS research studies, as compiled in the group's Florida HIV/AIDS Research Inventory.

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October 2013

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Public Policy Research

Public policy research is the foundation upon which the agency’s advocacy and education efforts are based. The research program includes analysis and interpretation of information about the AIDS pandemic, related health care issues, and the social impact of disease on society.

Such research is critical to advocacy and education programs that positively impact prevention, treatment, and care services. The AIDS Institute’s Center for Public Policy Research and Ethics conducts and coordinates a range of studies with this goal in mind. Academic research and learning opportunities for students and interns are available through the agency.

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