TAI's Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR)

The AIDS Institute's Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR) was created to bring more HIV research resources to Florida and advance the body of knowledge about all aspects of HIV prevention, care and treatment.  The focus is on promoting and arranging inter-institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration on HIV research, including behavioral/epidemiologic studies, clinical trials and studies of basic science, virology and vaccine development.  FCHAR researchers represent 7 universities, the Florida Department of Health and 11 other research entities across the state, including those from the private sector.  Members account for more than 400 recent and ongoing HIV/AIDS research studies, as compiled in the group's Florida HIV/AIDS Research Inventory.


Cooperation: Find common HIV research interest areas and network to bring new resources/studies to Florida.

Share and inventory HIV clinical trials, prevention studies, and basic science research to develop a central source for research study compilation within Florida.

Educate clinicians, HIV support teams, and consumers to promote appropriate referral and entry of patients into clinical trials.

Collaborate: Partner on proposed and future unique studies that address primary and secondary HIV prevention, improve patient outcomes, and advance an understanding of microbicides, a cure, and a vaccine.

Resolve challenges and discuss solutions to recruitment of participants for prevention studies, behavioral studies, and clinical trials; address challenges in collecting biologic specimens for virologic and other basic science studies.

Identify active or future protocols accessible to our patients for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection.

“We have successfully coalesced around common interests, challenges, and solutions to expand inter-institutional collaboration and attract new research resources to the state for the benefit of at-risk populations and our patients.”

Jeffrey Beal, M.D.
Medical Director of the FDOH, Bureau of HIV/AIDS


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