Public Comment and Testimony

The AIDS Institute's Public Comments to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

Today, we would like to focus on one population the National HIV/AIDS Strategy identifies as the group most affected by HIV and the only group in which the number of infections is growing, gay and bisexual men.
September 30, 2010
Washington, DC

White House

The AIDS Institute's Public Comments on the Draft HHS Action Plan on Viral Hepatitis 2010

Formulation of the Action Plan will be critical to the U.S. government’s response to the Hepatitis crisis in our country.  We congratulate you in the Action Plan’s formulation and look forward to its implementation.
September 27, 2010
Washington, DC


TAI Written Statements on FY11 to US Senate and US House

April 12, 2010

Attached below are PDFs of The AIDS Institute's written comments.

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