Health Reform

Hepatitis B & C Drugs Difficult to Access in Florida's Health Plans

The AIDS Institute's analysis of Florida’s Silver 2015 qualified plans reveals that discriminatory plan design is much more widespread for people accessing hepatitis B and C drugs than HIV drugs.

Support for Maximum Out-of-Pocket Cost-Sharing Limits

Below is a letter from the I Am Still Essential coalition urging strong support of CCIIO’s enforcement of the ACA requirements on maximum out-of-pocket limits for cost-sharing for plan year 2016.

CCIIO Responds to I Am (Still) Essential Coalition's Letter Urging Review for 2016 Plans

Head of CCIIO, Kevin Counihan assures patient groups the federal government will adequately review 2016 qualified health plans. 

Florida Requiring Insurance Plans to Limit Patient Cost-Sharing for HIV Drugs in 2016

The AIDS Institute welcomes a significant announcement by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation that limits patient cost-sharing of HIV medications to reasonable co-pays and warns insurers that Florida will be reviewing 2016 qualified health plans (QHPs) for possible discriminatory practices in how they cover all prescription medications.

Letter Urges HHS to Adequately Review 2016 Plans

Below is the final letter and press release from the I Am (Still) Essential coalition urging HHS to adequately review 2016 plans 

Letter to HHS on Enforcement of Out of Pocket Maximums for 2016 Qualified Health Plans

April 30, 2015 -- Below is a letter from the I Am (Still) Essential coalition to HHS on the enforcement of out of pocked maximums for 2016 qualified health plans. 

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