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The AIDS Institute is a national bipartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes action for social change through public policy, research, advocacy, and education. It began as a grass roots community mobilization effort in 1985. Over the years, The AIDS Institute has expanded its vision to become a respected national leader dedicated to supporting and protecting health care access for people living with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and patients living with chronic diseases.   We achieve our mission through our National Policy Office in Washington, DC; Program and Administrative offices in Tampa, FL, and Research and State Policy in Tallahassee, FL.  For more information about The AIDS Institute, visit www.theaidsinstitute.org

Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members (Listed Alphabetically)

Board of Directors

Gregg Alton - Atherton, CA

Jonathon David Berliner, Secretary - Honolulu, HI

Helena Kwakwa, M.D. - Philadelphia, PA

Marylin Merida, President - Tampa, FL

Valerie Mincey, Treasurer - Panama City, FL

Peter L. Ralin, At Large Member - Denver, CO

David A. Reznik, D.D.S. , Vice President - Atlanta, GA

William Schuyler - Alexandria, VA

Board Advisors

Ex-Officio Member: Michael Ruppal, Executive Director - Tampa, FL
Deloris Dockrey - New Brunswick, NJ
Dr. David Holtgrave - Baltimore, MD
Jeanne White-Ginder - Leesburg, FL

Staff (Listed Alphabetically)

Zach Eisenstein, Policy & Communications Assistant, 202-835-8373, ZEisenstein@TheAIDSInstistute.org

Frank Hood, Policy Associate - Hepatitis C, 202-835-8373, FHood@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Natalie Kean, Senior Policy Associate - HIV/AIDS, 202-835-8373, NKean@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Spencer Lieb, HIV/AIDS Research Coordinator, 850-329-7021, SLieb@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Kim Molnar, Program Coordinator, 813-734-3174, KMolnar@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Denise Ruppal, Director of Finance and Administration, 813-258-5929, DRuppal@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Michael Ruppal, Executive Director, 813-258-5929, MRuppal@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Michelle Scavnicky, Director of Education and CBA Services, 813-258-5929, MScavnicky@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Carl Schmid, Deputy Executive Director, 202-835-8373, CSchmid@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Nicholas Taylor, Policy Associate, 202-835-8373, NTaylor@TheAIDSInstitute.org

Ivy Turnbull, Deputy Executive Director, AIDS Alliance, 202-835-8373, ITurnbull@TheAIDSInstitute.org


Staff Photos


Terrence Calhoun


Spencer Lieb


Denise Ruppal

Michael Ruppal


Michelle Scavnicky


Carl Schmid


Ivy Turnbull

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